A Social Network Devoted to Cat Lovers

Catmoji is a new social network for cat lovers to share and discover videos and photos of their favorite creatures, and a great place for cat owners to meet and interact with other cats around the world.

A Social Network Just for Cats

Your cats will soon experience the feeling of “social media addiction”.

The site is quite similar to Pinterest but the focus and the main theme is exclusively for cats and their owners. Users can like content and share it to the heart of their desires. Catmoji also allows users to tag or filter cat pics according to their emotions (cute, funny, happy, sad and surprise).

The site was launched on Christmas and it’s still in the testing phase so there is no impressive numbers just yet. The founders (Matthew Phiong and Koekoe Loo Wan Koe) said they want to develop Catmoji to be “Facebook for cats”.

Only invited users can register at the moment.