LG Sold 300 4K TV Globally

According to the Korean tech site Chosun Ilbo, LG has sold 300 4K TV (84 inch 84LM9600) globally. Since the company began selling the product in November last year, the average monthly sales of the TV is about 70 units. If the information is correct, LG 4K TV has not created a boom in the technology industry.

LG Ultral HD TV

4K technology (also known as the Ultra HD) was the focal point of the CES 2013 held earlier this month, but at an excessively high price (about $22,000), there is no surprise that LG TV has an unimpressive sales number.

To be certified as a 4K product, the screen resolution must reach a minimum of 3840 pixels horizontally and 2160 pixels vertically. In addition, the product is also required to have at least one digital input for 4K, and it must be able to display the default 4K content without conversion.

It is still unclear when the price of 4K TV will be reduced to a level that will appeal consumer. However, there is one thing we know for sure is that like any other technology products, this product will eventually become more popular, and the price is acceptable to the majority of users sooner or later.