5 Useful Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Until now, the keyboard is still (always) a very important peripheral device on Windows system.

List of Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Before Windows 8 officially launched, Microsoft has been criticized a lot due to many significant changes in Windows 8 compared to the previous version. Changes in basic tasks such as windows shutdown, search and settings make it hard for users to adapt. However, Microsoft still maintains list of  important keystrokes to support traditional users.

Here is 5 useful keyboard shortcuts you should know when working with Windows 8:

  • Windows – C: Opens the new Charms Bar to allow instant access to Windows 8 tools like search, share, and settings.
  • Windows – D: Switch to Desktop mode.
  • Windows – I: Displays the Settings Bar where you can change your PC Settings, or perform a quick shutdown.
  • Windows – PrtSc: Captures your windows screens and save them as .PNG in Screenshots folder in your Pictures folder.
  • Windows – X: Shows the advanced tools in Windows such as Power Options, Device Manager, Disk Management, Command Prompt.

Five keystrokes referred above, together with other key combinations will help you feel secure to explore and adapt to the new operating system.